Our Ashton Origins

There are two Ashton family lines within this site.

One originated in North Lincolnshire and has only been traced to 1790 (no further back or forward)


and the other Ashton's are from Lancashire.


The Lancashire Ashton's

This is our main line of Ashton's and are the ones that still live in Barton on Humber are connected to this line.


William Ashton was born in 1795 in Blackburn, Lancashire to William and Margaret Ashton.

William jnr I suspect was married twice as on the 1841 Census he had 2 children (Jasper and Harriet) living with them, both born 4/5 years before he married Victoire.

When William jnr was 29 he married a French girl Victoire Caudrey in 1824 (20 years after The Battle of Trafalgar)

(Could our war with France be the reason that Victoire came to England ?)

William became a Herbalist (Herb Doctor) after moving to Rochdale, Lancashire.

Victoire (65) died on the 8th December 1859 at Buckley Place, Spotland , Rochdale, Lancashire.

William (69) died in 1865 at Buckley Place, Spotland , Rochdale, Lancashire.

William and Victoire had 2 children, Claris and Alice.


Claris had 1 child before marrying Samuel Ball in 1851, that daughter being Agnes, my G,G,Grandmother born in 1845 at Heywood, Lancashire.

No trace has been found yet of Samuel Ball but Claris Ball (60) died in1883 Birtle Union Workhouse at Rochdale, Lancashire


Agnes had 1 child 5 months before marrying James William Ashworth in 1869 at Elton, Bury, Lancashire (our Great Grandparents)

His name was William Ashton, or the 1871 / 1881 / 1891 census's listed him as William Ashworth (our Great Grandfather)


Only when William married Sophia Procter did his real name of Ashton reappear, if not we would have been Ashworth's

William and Sophia both worked as Cotton Weaver's and lived in Habergham Eaves, Burnley until 1904 / 1905 when they moved to Barton

While in Burnley they had 6 children - Samuel (1893), Edith (1895), Harriet (1899), James (1900), Arthur (1901), Alice Ann (1903)

And born in Barton where - Henry (1906), Clara (1908), Mary (1909), Herbert (1912), Albert (1914) and George (????)