Hadrians Wall Walk

One sunny day during June in the year AD2007 seven brave adventurers set out on a mission feared by most and only dreamed about by the rest, "The Hadrians Wall Trail"

This trail covers the entire length of the aforementioned wall which was built in AD122 by the Romans to keep the Vicious Scots away from us feeble English folk (and to protect the Romans of course)

The walk took us 8 days to cover 84 miles which was even more an achievment for Hilary, Elsie, Kaz and Mally who had never walked multi day walks before and never more than 11 miles in a day.


We stayed at 3 Bed & Breakfast's along the route and used 3 cars to "Leapfrog" the route, which worked really well.

2 nights at Burgh by Sands (Rosemount Cottage) http://www.rosemountcottage.co.uk/

3 nights at Haltwhistle (The Grey Bull and Hall Meadows) http://www.greybullhotel.co.uk/

2 nights at Corbridge (The Hayes) http://www.hayes-corbridge.co.uk/


Our Route

Bowness on Solway to Burgh by Sands

Burgh by Sands to Crosby on Eden (High Crosby)

Crosby on Eden (High Crosby) to Banks

Banks to Steel Rigg

Steel Rigg to Brocolitia Roman Temple Car Park

Brocolitia Roman Temple Car Park to Layby near Robin Hood Inn

Layby near Robin Hood Inn to Scottswood

Scottswood to Wallsend


Below is the first picture ever seen of the brave folk as a unit before they went on to endure all that nature could throw at them.

The Beginning !

Elsie, Mally, Kaz, Martin, Hilary, Me (Bryan) and Tony

Outskirts of Bowness on Solway and our first Pub

The Long and (not) Winding road from Bowness on Solway to Burgh by Sands and Hilary and the River Eden

Just before this picture was taken Hilary fell into a huge area of quicksand and was in danger of vanishing from view but in the nick of time us three brave men came to the rescue, and with the help of branches we dragged her feet first from the quagmire ! (well actually she went ankle deep in a boggy bit !!)

Our first sighting of a REAL ROMAN !! and BRAVEHEART !

These guys were actually doing a sponsored walk along the entire wall for some Retired Greyhound charity or something.

The 3 ladies do the knees up and admiring the views from Willowford Bridge

A Heron ! and a Tree / Bush near Crosby on Eden

Hilary and our First bit of Roman Wall at Banks and Mummy and Baby Highland Cattle

Hilary with a "Hovering Bull" ?? and a long stretch of Flat before the big "UP"

The big "UP", or one of them, and then the trek to Crag Lough

It wasn't the fact that the climbs were high, it was the ammount of them !

Views of the wall and surrounding countryside

More views of the wall and surrounding countryside

Hilary (Left) and Elsie and Kaz (All still smiling)

One of the 75 Milecastle's and Crag Lough from the top

A View of our final summit and Hilary with our first view of the River Tyne

The Millenium Bridge at Newcastle in both the closed at open (tilt) position

Another shot of the Millenium Bridge at tilt and our group at Wallsend with a "Stuffed" Roman !